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  • Benefits of Natural Shea Butter

Old tree provides raw/unrefined organic shea butter, which is extracted from sheanuts, sourced directly from Africa and has multiple skin and hair benefits. It is one of the best products for winters as it is known for its healing properties, it moisturizes dry skin. It also helps in healing cracked ankles, dry cuticles and rough patches on your skin. Shea butter can also help to lighten stretch marks.

Shea butter is excellent for lip care, it provides extra moisture and nutrients acting as a natural lip balm that the lips need during cold season or dry weather.

Apart from skin benefits, shea butter also has innumerable hair benefits.

Now-a-days most of the people have their hair chemically treated which is a major reason for stripping off natural moisture from the hair.

Old tree shea butter can help to restore the lost moisture. The fatty acid present in shea butter condition the scalp and the roots so its acts as an excellent conditioner and thus reduce hair fall too. 

Applying shea butter on the scalp soothes the dry and itchy scalp or dandruff.