Old Tree is a manufacturer of natural onion hair oil, Oiling is an excellent pre shampoo treatment for providing deep nourishment. We are Hair Oil Manufacturer, And what could be better for hair nourishment than onion hair oil? Onions are rich in sulfur, contains Vitamins A, C, E and B-complex which is very essential for healthy hair.Old tree onion hair oil is one of the best treatments for strong and shiny hair! One of the most common problem that most of us face is hair fall but now no more hair fall problem with old tree onion hair oil. Apply this oil twice or thrice a week to minimize breakage and thinning of hair.You can keep it overnight for better results and to increase the strength and volume of your hair.Old tree onion oil can also be diluted with olive oil or any other oil for a blissful head massage.You can also make different hair packs by combining onion oil with honey, curry leaves or yoghurt.

It also avoids grey hair and make you look even more young! 

Old Tree is a hair care products manufacturer and The best part about old tree onion hair oil is that is it totally pure,natural, chemical free no added colors or fragrance and paraben free! 

Old Tree is a brand known for its natural and chemical free products. Old tree is a manufacturer of purest Onion Hair Oil. 

Use Old Tree Onion Hair Oil for long, strong and shiny hair